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What's the difference? Generally, these different types of handlebars are related to each cyclist's preference. You may have noticed that all our basements models come with Riser, Bullhorn and Drop. However, I wanted to explain the pros and cons of each.


It is a handlebar where most of it is straight, with little change in height. They are widely used for all city travel, the practice of freestyle and urban transport in general. Many cyclists prefer Risers because of their versatility and ergonomic comfort. One of the reasons why cyclists switch to Drops or Bullhorns is to allow better back support and improve aerodynamics.


They have a suspended angle on the handlebars, and it is this suspended angle that gives the handlebars its name. Thus the word Drop to name it. With all its rounded extension, it allows several hand positions, all with a different purpose. Some cyclists hold the top horizontally, which works like a Riser, for example. For a more aggressive feeling, just place your hands on the lower part of the Drop curve. This helps to improve aerodynamics and allows the wind to pass over your back to increase speed and comfort. Generally, cyclists descend to the lower hand position when they are at higher speeds.


It provides a more daring and erect feeling. Bullhorn is named after its form. The cyclists who choose them, seek speed and aggression. One of the main advantages of riding with Bullhorns is that, once fully extended, their body weight is transferred to the front wheel of the bike, releasing the weight of the rear wheel. Many riders use this technique to help make the Skid, which is a controlled skid that uses only the resistance of the legs to the movement to brake the rear wheel of the bike.


Bullhorn handles also come in the form of "Pursuit Bullhorns", which are often used in time trial bikes. This style of bullhorn adds a "drop" at the farthest position, making them more suitable for speed. The top of the bar is usually quite narrow and sometimes doesn't offer enough space for your hands or for installing brakes.

A note about Bullhorns, Drops and Pursuits, is that you should usually wrap them with the handlebar tape. The tape comes in different textures, shapes, colors and sizes and can be used to customize your bike.

Still don't know which works best for you? Feel free to get in touch by clicking here.

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