Steps to purchase:

1.Selecione o produto o qual deseja adquirir e clique em “Comprar”. 

2. the shopping list will appear on the screen in the "My cart" area. Click on "finish" and select the quantity of products you want. If you have a promotional coupon, enter your coupon in the "Promo Code" area. Then click again on "Checkout".

If you are logged in as a customer, please confirm your personal data and billing and delivery address. If you decide to buy as a visitor, fill in the personal data, delivery and billing address and click "Finish".

4. confirm the summary of your purchases and click "Continue".

Select the desired payment method and click on "Submit Order".

Off you go! See how easy it is? The order number will appear on the screen along with the summary of your purchase. You will also receive a copy in your registered e-mail.

Important: The delivery period begins after the approval of the purchase by the financial institution or the clearing of the bank ticket.

If you prefer, you can also buy by email from our Customer Service: [email protected]

How do I find the product I'm looking for?

If you need help finding a product, use our product search tool at the top of any page. Just type in any keyword(s) or a product number and click "search". Search results will be displayed on the page, with links to specific products or product groups.

Research tips:

Make sure that you have entered the search words correctly, this will provide more accurate results.

Use words to find different types of products, such as "saddle".

What kind of email will I receive about my purchase?

Depois de finalizar a sua compra na loja online da RIVA, você receberá os seguintes e-mails: 

       - Purchase confirmation: means that your purchase has been successfully completed. You will receive a confirmation email. All orders are subject to availability. If an item is not available after order completion, you will be contacted by a customer service consultant.

       - Purchase sent: Means your purchase was sent from our Distribution Center. An e-mail will be sent to inform you. Please use the carrier tracking service for detailed tracking information.

 Como faço alterações em meu carrinho?

First, click on your shopping cart at the top of any page.

Before finalizing your purchase, you can make some changes to your cart if necessary:

Update the quantity. Choose a quantity from the list provided

Remove a product from your shopping cart. To remove a product, click "remove from cart" or change the quantity to zero and click "update".

Return shopping. If you wish to continue shopping, you can use the shopping cart to store products you wish to buy. Click on "continue shopping" to search for other products you want. At any time during your shopping experience, you can return to your shopping cart by clicking the icon at the top of any page.

What should I do if the product arrives damaged or defective?

If you have received a damaged or defective product, we recommend that you contact our Customer Service via email: [email protected]

How do I customize a product?

RIVA has some products for customization. On the product page itself, there will be the option "Customize", so that you choose name and/or number and/or symbol available in the customization area.

É importante que você confira as informações digitadas antes de fechar o pedido, pois não trocamos e não cancelamos os itens personalizados, em razão da customização 


What are the payment methods in the RIVA online store?

RIVA online store always looks for the best options for you to make your purchases. Check below the payment options:

Credit card:


For your security, all your data is kept confidential within an environment protected by the administrator herself, making your purchase simple and safe. RIVA does not keep credit card data. Your data is subject to confirmation after your purchases, so you run no risk in this process.

Boleto Bancário:

In the bank ticket, you have up to 3 (three) days to make your purchase. To do so, simply choose this option as the payment method and at the end of the purchase process print the boleto generated.

You can pay at any bank branch, through the internet or at any establishment that accepts payment of a bill of exchange, within the due date. If you do not make the payment by the due date, your purchase will be automatically cancelled.

*Important: the compensation of the bank ticket may take up to 4 working days. Only after this payment confirmation will your order be processed and delivered according to our delivery policy

I couldn't print the bank slip. Is there a possibility of printing a second copy?

Yes. If you are registered on our site, go to the "Order History" area in the item Track your order and click on "order details". There you can print the 2nd copy of your ticket.

 Meu boleto venceu e eu efetuei o pagamento. Meu pedido ainda está válido?

No, the payment must be made within 3 (three) days after the purchase request, according to the due date informed in the bank slip.

If you paid after the due date, please contact our RIVA Customer Service in the email: [email protected]

Can I pay with a credit card issued abroad?

We do not accept credit cards issued outside Brazil.

Can I change the method of payment for an order placed?

Once the purchase is made on the site by credit card and approved by the operator, the shipping process is initiated. If the product has not yet been shipped by the carrier, cancellation is possible. Otherwise, we ask you to reject the delivery by the carrier. This way your order will return to RIVA and will be refunded.

If the purchase is made through a bank ticket, the non-payment is enough and your order will be automatically cancelled. You can make a new purchase through the site by credit card.

How do I request the DANFE (Electronic Invoice Auxiliary Document) second copy?

To request the DANFE (Electronic Invoice Auxiliary Document) second copy, send an e-mail to [email protected]


What is the delivery time for my order?

The delivery time depends on the location of the delivery address of your order. Click here to see delivery times by location.

Não esqueça! Nós começamos a contar a data da entrega a partir da data de confirmação de pagamento do seu pedido pela instituição financeira ou compensação de seu boleto bancário e após a confirmação dos seus dados cadastrais 

What is the value of the freight?

The deliveries are made within the national territory.

For your convenience, the freight amount appears automatically in the shopping cart.

Learn more about our delivery and freight policy here.

Who can receive my order?

The delivery is only made with the presence of a responsible person at the delivery site.

Caso reside em prédio ou condomínio, o produto é entregue ao porteiro pois em geral, por medidas de segurança, a transportadora não pode entrar na residência do cliente. 

What should I do if I haven't received my order yet, and the delivery time has already passed?

Our deliveries are made Monday through Friday, from 8am to 6pm.

In the email you received from RIVA, besides the tracking code of the object, you will find the link of the carrier to follow your order.

If you prefer and are registered on our site, go to your personal area and click on "Track your purchases" in the "Track your order" area. In the page that will open, include the tracking code. There you can track your purchase information

RIVA makes three delivery attempts, make sure that the people in charge of receiving your order have not refused to receive it.

Some climatic factors or adverse situations may interfere with the delivery of your purchases. In such cases, check if strikes, stoppages or accidents have occurred in your location.

For more information, please contact our RIVA Customer Service by email: [email protected]

Can I change the delivery address?

You may change your delivery address before completing your order. At the time of purchase, you will have the option "Delivery address".

Após a conclusão do seu pedido, não é mais possível alterar endereço de entrega. Para maiores informações entre em contato com nosso Serviço de Atendimento ao Cliente RIVA. 

Does RIVA deliver to other countries?

No. All our deliveries are made within the Brazilian territory.

I got a different product than I bought. What's the procedure?

If you identify the error at the time of delivery, immediately refuse to receive the order.

If you have identified after receipt, do not remove the labels and contact our RIVA Customer Service.

What is the RIVA Customer Service schedule?

RIVA Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm;

How do I receive news and promotions from the online store RIVA?

To receive our promotions and stay tuned in the news and launches, access the "newsletter" area of our site, in the top area of the page. Add your e-mail address and date of birth and that's it! It will already be added in our system to receive our actions.

How do I remember my account password?

If you have forgotten your password, go to the "identify yourself" area and click on "Forgot your password?" and enter your registered email address. We will send you a new password immediately.

Onde encontro informações sobre promoções, códigos promocionais e cupons de descontos?

You can find up-to-date information about RIVA Online Store promotions and outlet at Promotions

If I can't find the answer to my question here?

If you cannot find the answer to your question, we recommend contacting our Customer Service department:


How to exchange or return a product?

You can exchange your RIVA purchase within 30 calendar days of receiving the purchase at no additional cost. To do so, you should contact our Customer Service and request the exchange procedure. If the exchange is made outside this period or the product has been used, damaged or is not in its original packaging, RIVA cannot accept the exchange and your purchase will be returned to you. The exchange will only be accepted if you still have the original label, are without marks of use or stains and in accordance with the conditions of exchange or return. 

IMPORTANT: To make an exchange or return is mandatory the delivery of the invoice of the product purchased in national territory.

You can change the color or size of the same product or another model as long as the value equals exactly the value paid for the original product, subject to stock availability. The first exchange is free! If you decide to return the product, we will refund the amount paid, without shipping. You can only receive a refund for a return if it is made in accordance with our Return Policy. Make the exchange within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the order.

The exchange or return can be done through our Customer Service: [email protected]

Enter the order number, reason for exchange and CPF.

Important: Exchanges in physical stores are not allowed.

 Para mais informações, acesse nossa área Política de Troca e Devolução.

Can I exchange or cancel a custom item?

It is not possible to exchange or cancel any custom product due to product customization.

If your custom item is defective in product or customization, please contact our Customer Service.

IMPORTANT: We do not exchange custom items that are not defective.