If you're going to ride our bikes, we want you to have the best experience possible. All RIVA bikes must be assembled and adjusted by a professional - not for any other reason than to ensure that you are riding safely and extracting all the potential that your RIVA offers.

After you receive your bike, please have the Invoice in hand to activate our GUARANTEE POLICY. All RIVA bikes are shipped 90% assembled. As with all online bicycle purchases, this means that nuts and bolts should be checked for proper tightening, additional lubrication should be done to extend the service life, handlebars and front wheel should be mounted, brakes need adjusting and pedals should be installed.

These are the tools most needed for assembly:

3 - Allen key - chain tensioner

4 - Allen key - handlebars, rear bolts, water bottle bolts, brake shoes, levers

5 - Allen key - table, brakes

6 - Allen key - saddle pocket

Wrench (15 mm) - pedals, wheel screws

Torque wrench - To ensure proper tightening of screws

Once again, it is always better to have your bike properly assembled by a professional. Like other vehicles, a safety standard is required.

We also recommend that you tighten your crankshaft, lockrings, pedals, handlebars and other bolts before and after each pedal. This will ensure you have a safe and smooth ride and will keep your RIVA bike in perfect condition for years to come.




RIVA Cycles offers a 10-year warranty for manufacturing defects for all our frames and a one-year warranty for all components.

Tires, chambers, saddles, handlebars, handles, brake pads, etc. are all classified as consumable parts and are not covered by the warranty as they suffer significant wear over time due to repeated use.

Our guarantee also guarantees that all materials used in the frames and fork are of the highest quality and free from defects. The manufacturer's defects do not include damage as a result of improper use, negligence, abuse, incorrect assembly, change in original product configuration, labor costs for replacement parts, lack of maintenance and/or improper maintenance. RIVA Cycles will not be able to meet any warranty claims related to such matters.

The warranty applies only to the original owner of the bike. To validate your warranty, you must register your bike online by filling out the registration form. To activate the warranty, you must complete the registration process and attach a professional proof of assembly (a picture of the receipt is required) within 30 days of receiving the product. Without proof that a professional has assembled your bicycle, your warranty will be invalid.

The 10-year limited warranty only applies to bicycle frames or frames purchased from an official RIVA Cycles dealer.

All warranty requests should be sent to [email protected] RIVA Cycles reserves the right to request photographs of the damage and may only replace the damaged part instead of the entire bicycle. RIVA Cycles also reserves the right to issue a store credit at any time for warranty claims which cannot satisfy our customers based on current production schedules or for any other reason.